Chelated Lotion



This peel is recommended for the treatment of sagging skin. This clay-based product is easy to use, without neutralising. Via a process known as chelation, TCA benefits from homogenic penetration with rapid application. The “chelated” trichloroacetic acid instantly gives a homogenous covering. The goal is to produce a medium peel and refine the keratin structure of the epidermis.


– Wrinkles
– Hyperkeratosis
– Pigment spots
– Photo-aging level 2-3

Active ingredients

TCA 20%

Frequency of application

This peel can be proposed 2 times a year.


– Do not use on pregnant patients
– Avoid sun exposure
– Irritated and damaged skin
– High phototypes (4 and 5)

pH 2,3

icon Professional peels exclusively reserved for medical use

It is essential to prepare your skin at home 15 days before the first peel to potentiate the effects.

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