Cosmeceuticals products

It is a care product developed by scientists with advanced active ingredients. Skincare penetrates the skin better, active ingredients revive the cell renewal and the results are visible faster.

Recommended by doctors, cosmeceuticals are available in pharmacies and medical centers.

The dynamic cosmetology program is based on : a revitalizing treatment in the morning with Vitamin C and an exfoliating treatment with a glycolic acid based night-time skincare. With the combination of these two actions, cell renewal is stimulated.

Eneomey’s range is available in pharmacies and medical centers. To find a store, click on « Where to find us ? » or contact us by phone +33 (0)4 93 32 56 66 or by email .

Eneomey offers 3 anti-aging night cream with a graded concentration of glycolic acid. You have to choose your cream depending your skintype and what you want to treat.

If you have a sensitive skin and you want to even skin ton, blur dark spots or improve the skin texture, we advise you Stim Renew 8.

If you have combination skin and you want an effective anti-aging treatment on wrinkles and loss of tone, we recommend Stim Renew 15.

If you have a thick and wrinkled skin, and you want an effective treatment on loss of tone and smooth deep wrinkles, we recommend Stim Renew 30.

Follow the advice of your pharmacist or contact-us.

To obtain samples of our products, you have to visit our pharmacies and medical centers. Click on « Where to find us » to find the nearest point of sale.

The skin is constantly exposed to free radicals. Whether due to pollution, sun, stress or even lifestyle, free radicals unbalance our natural defenses and cause cell oxidation and accelerates skin aging. That is why it is important to apply every morning an effective antioxidant treatment: Daylight C20 is an antioxidant emulsion that protects against free radicals and prevents skin aging.

The sun is one of the first causes of photoaging. It is really important to protect the skin throughout the year, in order to prevent the skin aging. Furthermore, the cornea layer become finer with skincare products based on glycolic acid. This layer is a natural skin protection against UV. It is advised to protect your skin with a sun protection like Sunlight Screen 50+.

Product use

The Enemy Cosmetology dynamic range offers treatments that fight against skin aging. It is advisable to act on prevention from 30 years. Eneomey’s range offers a wide selection of products suitable for all skin types and offers graded concentrations of active ingredients to be effective on the less young skin.

Yes, you can use the products during summer but you have to protect your skin from the sun with a solar protection FPS 30. The sun protection is essential during any anti-aging treatment and protects your skin from skin aging.

We recommend you to use Sunlight Screen 50+. Remember to reapply frequently during the day.

We advise against applying our skincare products during pregnancy and breast feeding. Indeed, our products were not subjected to specific tests about pregnancy, that’s why we do not recommend their use during this period.

Yes, it is quite possible to use your usual cream along with a Eneomey product. Glycolic acid present in Eneomey skincare exfoliates dead cells and optimizes the penetration of active ingredients of any other skincare.

Eneomey skincare formulation is based of fruit acids (AHAs), especially glycolic acid. When the skin is not accustomed to this, it is common to feel tingling sensation due to exfoliation and penetration of active ingredients. In this case, you can space applications in early treatment and gradually return the frequency of use that we recommend.

The Eneomey skincare penetrate very well into the skin and leaves no greasy film, which is no problem in applying makeup.

For example, Daylight C20 is an excellent makeup base.

The Eneomey skincare act quickly on the issues you want to treat. After a few days you will feel and see an improvement in the quality of your skin. Skin texture is refined. Then, after a few weeks of use, the expected results are visible.

Eneomey has developed two products for the treatment of acne and seborrheic skins: Purify Masque 10 and Purify Gel. They are specially formulated to regulate sebaceous secretions, refine skin texture and purify oily skin. These products are prescribed by dermatologists to treat acne.

Active ingredients

Glycolic acid is used for its benefits on the skin. This is the smallest molecule of the fruit acid and it fully penetrates the skin.

Glycolic acid gently exfoliates dead cells to improve the general appearance of the skin and stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Glycolic acid has moisturizing and hydrating actions. This has been proved by scientific studies. It activates the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans and eliminates dead cells on the surface of the skin.

The ascorbosilane C is one of the key active ingredients of Eneomey products. It is a stable derivative of vitamin C that provides the same antioxidant benefits but which avoids the inconvenience of a treatment with pure vitamin C. The ascorbosilane C releases vitamin C in contact of the skin for effective and homogeneous penetration. It is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals and stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

These are the active ingredients used to act on the problems of hyperpigmentation. Kojic acid is extracted from an Asian mushroom and phytic acid is contained in the grains and cocoa.

Both molecules inhibit tyrosinase to regulate melanin synthesis, phenomenon responsible for the pigmentation of the skin.

Bentonite and kaolin are used in the cleansing masks. They are known for removing toxins from the skin. Purify Masque 10 contains bentonite and kaolin. It treats oily and combination skin, removes dead celles and excess sebum.

Specific case

Eneomey offers a treatment perfectly suited to your skin.

We advise you to apply Daylight C20 in the morning and Stim Renew 8, in the evening, to treat gently your hyperpigmentation problems on your sensitive and blemished skin.

It is recommended to use Eneomey skincare in addition to an aesthetic intervention (peeling, laser, dermabrasion, injections, mesotherapy …). We have over 30 years collaboration with dermatologists and aesthetic physicians. The Eneomey skincare is prescribed by doctors because they prepare the skin before an aesthetic intervention, to optimize and maintain the results.

Do not hesitate to seek advice from your specialist.

Both of this body milks are formulated with glycolic acid and ascorbosilane C at different concentrations.

It depends what you want to process:

With Perfect Body 15, you moisturize and take action on the texture of your skin by exfoliating any imperfections. Results: your skin is nourished and regains its flexibility.

With Perfect Body 30, you specifically targeting the problems of sagging skin and texture (ideal for treating stretch marks). Results: your skin is smoothed and firmed.

The fluid texture of Daylight C20 provides a pleasant application and rapid penetration. We recommend to use Daylight C20 in the eye area because it acts on the release of tissues and protects against free radicals.

Professional peels are exclusively reserved for medical use and cannot be sold to a private individual. These are professional products only used in an expert doctor’s office.