Peels for dark spots

Eneomey professional peels indicated for dark spots help to even out the complexion. Depigmenting active ingredients inhibit and regulate the production of melanin, which causes pigment spots, melasma and pregnancy mask while stimulating skin radiance. Formulated specifically for uneven complexions with a tendency to hyperpigmentation, they provide a real boost in radiance, even out dull, irregular complexions and reduce pigment spots.

Eneomey superficial and medium peels are carried out by professionals who are experts in this technique. While the peel is being applied, a slight warmness or tingling sensation is to be expected. This fades quickly as soon as the treatment is finished. During a medium peel, the skin may feel tight for 48 hours and slight flaking may occur over a period of a few days.
After the peel, it is essential to properly moisturise the skin, as there is generally an impression of tightness. It is therefore essential to follow a post-peel treatment to optimise the action. In the first few days, it will be crucial to moisturise with a regenerating product such as Repair Cream. After this repair phase, the use of a specific Eneomey program will maximise results.

Depending on your skin type and the type of peel, several sessions may be recommended to obtain an optimal result.


The benchmark lunchtime facial peel from Eneomey; this is a superficial peel that provides a real boost in radiance. It evens out a dull, irregular complexion, while improving the skin’s elasticity. Dark spots caused by the sun are attenuated and the skin is left glowing. The synergy of the 4 acids (glycolic, phytic, kojic and mandelic) produces an action on fine lines, dark spots and radiance.

50% Improvement in the radiance of the complexion
30% Reduction in pigmentation
15% Reduction in size of dark spots

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This medium peel was specially designed for the treatment of pigment spots, melasma and other signs of hyperpigmentation. The powerful depigmenting active ingredients help to even out pigmentation, while reducing dark spots and unifying the complexion.

37% Improvement in the radiance of the complexion
10% Reduction in pigmentation
10% Lightening of dark spots

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Out of a concern for optimal effectiveness for each patient, the Laboratoire Eneomey recommends that the skin be prepared using targeted care so that the skin is more receptive to the peel. This will optimise the action and therefore the results.


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