Facial Peel



This peel combines the effectiveness of glycolic acid with penetrating and homogenising agents to reduce fine lines and even out skin tone.
This peel stimulates fibroblasts and increases collagen, elastin synthesis
and GAG concentration.


– First signs of skin aging
– Photo-aging level 1
– Lifeless and saggy skin
– Brightens complexion

Active ingredients

Glycolic acid 70%

Frequency of application

The treatments should be spread out at 15-day intervals, and repeated 4 times. This treatment may be proposed twice a year.


– Do not use on pregnant patients
– Avoid sun exposure
– Do not use on damaged skin
– Do not clean the skin with alcohol or acetone

37.5% really satisfied patients
87.5% really satisfied physicians

pH 1,7

icon Professional peels exclusively reserved for medical use

It is essential to prepare your skin at home 15 days before the first peel to potentiate the effects.

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