Product users testify…

I’m doing a preventive treatment with Eneomey products for a peel at my Dermatologist and I already have a much brighter complexion 1 week later! Well done, Eneomey products are the best !!!

Elodie. 09/11/2017

The best skincare ! I’m using the entire range : the night-time skincare Advanced C Cream, Facial Lotion C20, Cleanser Sensitive Skin and the Advanced C Body Lotion. If you try these skincare, you will be amazed.  Skin more bright, smooth, soft and moisturized. I wouldn’t change it for the world. Thank you Eneomey

Myriem, 55

Advanced C Body Lotion from Eneomey is by far the best lotion in the market. It does exactly what it says.100%! My skin is more even than ever and stretchmarks, less noticeable. Will continue to purchase…

K, 23

6 years ago, on the advice of my dermatologist, I’ve started to use Revitalizing Gel and Glycolic Masque to treat my acne. The appearance of my skin has improved a lot, my pores are tightened, my skin is less shinny and more moisturize. Now, I have no more acne but I’m still using Revitalizing Gel once in a while to keep its benefits. I’ve recently discovered Facial Lotion C20 for the morning. All the time, I receive compliments about my skin.

Lina, 31

I am a supporter of your skin cares for a long time, especially Facial Lotion C20 who is in my beauty case. I recommend this range on the cutting edge of innovation and all my congratulations for the new name, such as rejuvenation. Well done!

Rabia, 50

I’ve discovered Eneomey skincare for 1 years and I am more than happy. I’ve started to use Advanced C Cream on the night for 2 months and after I added Facial Lotion C20 on the morning and what a result! My wrinkles have disappeared; my skin is smooth and a radiant complexion. The skin cares are advisable. Thank you.

Catherine, 50

I’ve been using Eneomey products for 4 years: Advanced C Cream, Cleanser Sensitive Skin and Facial Lotion C20. I am very happy to finally find a range of cosmetics with breathtaking results. I had started with the night cream with a lower dosage and for 3 years I am using Advanced C Cream. All of my friends ask me what is my secret for my skin, I have a splendid skin! Thank you and well done Eneomey.

Myriam, 52

On the advice of my surgeon, I use the Advanced C Body Lotion. From the first bottle, I could see a much softer and firmer skin. This cream has the appearance of a gel and I’m currently on my third bottle. I use a bottle a month. For the face, I used the day basis skincare Facial Lotion C20, non-greasy, which allows immediate make-up. Delighted.

Viviane, 50

I use Eneomey products for a year now and I am more than satisfied as to suffer a lot when my pharmacist is out. Indeed, nothing can replace them in terms of comfort for my skin. I remove my makeup with Cleanser Sensitive Skin and use Facial Lotion C20. Every morning, I apply Advanced C Body Lotion (I am told that at my age, I have a beautiful neckline, it is always nice) and best of all, once a week: Facial Masque C10. I add Facial Sunscreen when I go in the sun.

Lucile, 52

Brown, I have a dark skin. I use Eneomey products for several weeks. My skin is beautiful and we regularly compliment the youth and radiance of my skin. The product is a little expensive but the result is there. Great discovery!

Diana, 40

For 3 and a half months, I apply Advanced C Cream on the evening, after cleansing my face with Cleanser Face&Body. In the morning, I use in daycare Facial Lotion C20. I must admit that this was not enjoyable at first, it stings and it burns, after two months it exfoliates, it reddens and it considerably heats. Still, I persevered against all and I’m very happy because it paid beyond any reasonable expectation! The result is simply stunning. All fine lines and wrinkles, including those of expression, have completely disappeared, my skin is smooth and velvety as a peach while I had a thick skin with pores. I want to give my testimony to those who find these products too aggressive or irritants, causing discomfort during the first months of use: do not stop ! You will be richly rewarded.

Marco, 46

After trying many products I FINALLY find the products that fit me !!! I had some scars of acne and after a month of use, my skin is beautiful (in all modesty), the skin texture is refined, luminous complexion and I have no pigment spots !!!

Marion, 25

I use Eneomey products for 1 month. Although the smell and appearance are less pleasant than some cosmetics, these products are really effective. Many people have complimented me on my complexion and my face. That’s the first time that a change of cosmetics is seen by people who are obviously not aware of.

Anne, 50

My dermatologist has advised me to use Facial Lotion C20 and for 2 months, I see a real change in my face: brighter complexion and I look younger in my entourage. The smell is special but honestly I am fully satisfied with the result.

Michèle, 50

I use the products for 1 month and the result is very satisfactory. Phytic Cream helped me to reduce the pigmentation on my face and reduce some wrinkles I had. I recommend it, even if you have to pay the price, when the result is there, we think no more about it !

Nathalie, 33